About Andy

Who am I?

I have been in Business Development & Headhunting for most of my career, currently in a Training & Development Consultancy for the past 3 years, assisting Organizations in Creating World Class Cultures Of Service Excellence.

I was previously Headhunting Middle to Senior Management for more than 5 years in Asia Pacific. I have also successfully interviewed and placed senior management in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea. Through the course of my work, I have interviewed more than 5000 people in the Asia Pacific region, giving me in-depth and current understanding of key challenges people face in their careers. My clients include multi-national companies in the Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Oil and Banking industries.

I started of my career with a Technology company and was in the Health and Wellness industry doing business development and Training. I have also assisted more than 2000 people in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea to breakthrough their personal limits in a series of motivational and peak performance courses.

In 2010, I sat on the Panel of Career Counselors for Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Post-Graduate students, providing Career Coaching/Counseling for Mid-Level executives making Career Transitions into new industries. I assisted them with clarifying their objectives and developing action plans to secure their dream jobs/careers.

In my free time, I enjoy yoga, connecting with nature, hiking/running/swimming, travelling, improv comedy, reading (usually personal & professional development with occasional fiction) and interacting with people of varied cultures/countries. I also love posting my ideas and thoughts on Social Media, with the intention to serve and add value to my network throughout the world. To relax and recuperate, I indulge in movies, music, meditation, massage and contemporary art.

I believe we are not just Singaporeans (where I was born) and not whatever country’s passport or ID we hold, but really Global Citizens who are all interconnected and inter-dependent on each other. We are ultimately all human beings and seek similar common denominations of love, fulfillment, growth, peace, harmony and unlimited happiness and joy.

How Am I Accredited as a Coach?

I completed an intensive 8 weeks Coaching Course – Coaching Champions™ by DifferWorld Pte Ltd in Singapore, graduating with a Certificate in Coaching. Differworld is a people-potentialization company that offers some of the world’s best personal, professional and executive education, development and coaching initiatives.

What Do My Coachees Have To Say About Me?

“Andy is someone who is passionate about helping people discover their purpose in life and this is truly an essential quality for a coach.

I gained deeper insights into my personal vision through Andy’s process of inquiry.

I highly recommend Andy to anyone who wants to benefit from a framework to achieve the results they want in their life!”

Karen Leong, Influence Speaker and Coach

“Andy helped me tremendously in the task of setting goals amidst competing priorities, and by getting me to stay focused on achieving them.

This has been instrumental in launching my website. He was able to bring out the key factors in achieving the first and perhaps most critical leg of my mission and keep me accountable to myself.

Thanks for the right help at the right time, Andy!”

Bhavani Prakash, Founder of EcoWalkTheTalk
Speaker, Trainer & Writer

“My sessions with Andy were constructive and motivational. He is not the regimental sergeant major type who barks orders and expects obedience.

What I feel makes him a great coach is that he tries to understand his coachee’s situation, identifies problem areas and creates solutions in bite sized chunks.

May seem to be easy at first glance, but how many of us really take the time to sit down and seriously reflect on our lives and problems.

Meeting with Andy allowed me to do just that, as a result I have a renewed focus personally and professionally. Adding his infectious aura of positivity, I believe he will be of help to anyone who needs some direction or focus in the lives.”

Edwin Lim, Real Estate Agent

“Andy has been a very good coach indeed. He has the following skills that made me achieve my goals: Observation of my speech, Commitment to the coachee, Belief in both himself and me, Follow up, Foresight and Celebration of successes.

I found the coaching sessions to be a very invigorating experience. I was initially very skeptical about it but from the very first coaching session, I started realizing results for me which I never thought possible!”

Aparna Karande, Finance & Admin Manager

“Andy has been extremely patient and helpful throughout the coaching sessions. There was once when I was on the verge of giving up. Not only did he not lose his patience with me, he managed to make me realize how important the final objective was to me and because of that, I found renewed strength and perseverance to achieve the objective.”

Veron Ang, Founder of Sparklette Studio,
Web Design & Development Agency


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