Welcome to Soulution Hub!

Welcome to Soulution Hub, Inspiring SOULutions within YOU!

I am currently building up my expertise in Soulutions for the Soul, because ultimately….We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but Spiritual beings, having a human experience.

My expertise stems from my experience in Business Development / Training & Development and Headhunting Middle to Senior Management over the last 13 years in Asia Pacific.

Through the course of my work, I have interviewed more than 5000 people in the Asia Pacific region, giving me in-depth and current understanding of key challenges people face in their careers and life in general. I have also successfully interviewed and placed senior management in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea.

Previously, I was with a Technology company and in the Health and Wellness industry doing business development and Training. I have also assisted more than 2000 people in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea to breakthrough their personal limits in a series of motivational and peak performance courses.

I undertook the Coaching Champions Certification in 2005 and have been coaching both formally and informally over the years in areas like Career, Life, Relationships & Business Coaching.

In the midst of my transformation, I also completed a Permaculture Design Course and learned about the intricate balance between Mankind, the planet, nature and each other. I continue to upgrade my consciousness by learning and practicing from my various mentors and teachers of the world.

I look forward to coaching you in a conscious and holistic level to achieve the life you TRULY desire, an Authentic, Abundant Life in FULL Love, Joy and Peace!

Love & Energy

Andy Tay

P.S: This video has a great message with stunning images and music, really worth while to watch!


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